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Echotherapy for the treatment of thyroid nodules:

Patients share their story

Every patient’s history is unique: read reports from echotherapy patients and find out why they chose to treat their thyroid nodules with high intensity focussed ultrasound.

Andrea, 54 years:

«Thanks to the treatment of my thyroid gland with echotherapy, today I can live without pain and I’m no longer dependent on pills.»

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«The first thing which I just could not explain was that I had issues swallowing. A little later, when I applied a lotion, I clearly felt something on my neck. It made me feel uncomfortable I worried whether the nodule would continue to grow and if it was benign.

I immediately went to my family doctor, who referred me to a nuclear medicine doctor. The result: Fortunately, the lump was not malignant and I did not suffer from hyperthyroidism or hypofunction. But due to the discomfort and a size of 4.5 cm the nodule had to be treated anyways. The doctor prescribed pills which were supposed to prevent further growth. Worse than the uncertainty around this nodule, however, were the side effects of the pills: I suffered from headaches, tachycardia and severe abdominal pain.

By accident, I came across an article on echotherapy, which allows treating thyroid nodules without surgery. I found a treatment center in Germany via the echotherapy website and immediately arranged an initial consultation – a simple referral letter from my GP was sufficient. Two weeks later I was sitting in the practice for nuclear medicine at Dr. Hakman, who took a lot of time and explained  how echotherapy works : a therapy option without general anesthesia and without a cut, which gently treats the affected tissue with bundled ultrasound – without surgery and in an outpatient session. The decision to do echotherapy was made quickly and a month later I returned to the practice for treatment.

Thanks to the extensive education of Dr. Hakman I already knew exactly what to expect. Of course, I was a little bit nerveous. The treatment did not really hurt – the hardest part was to keep still during 40 minutes. I felt a slight pull in the jaw and shoulder area, but after the treatment everything was quickly forgotten. I was able to leave the practice immediately and go to work. Four weeks later, the lump was already much smaller and after only four months it had shrunk to half its original size – and all without pills. I have no more complaints and the nodule is no longer visible. And I can look in the mirror again. »



Ilona, 59 years

«For me, it was a huge relief when I learned that my thyroid gland could be treated with gentle echotherapy.»

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«Thyroid nodules occur frequently in our family. I myself had never had problems in the past. However about three years ago, I suddenly suffered from water retention, sweated a lot and was often tired and breathless. I suspected the usual causes of menopause and asthma. Following an appointment with my osteopath things got rolling: he suspected thyroid problems behind my symptoms. Following up with an appointment with my GP and blood tests, I was told that my thyroid glands were OK.

I was not convinced and wanted to have my symptoms checked out by a specialist doctor. At about the same time, I read in the press about Dr. Seeberger, who specializes in thyroid diseases at his nuclear medical practice. I took my blood results to the appointment with Dr. Seeberger who was immediately alerted. My thyroid glands were completely out of balance. The constant fatigue, the heat buildup, the problems of breathing were all connected with a thyroid nodule.

I was very afraid of an operation, but Dr. Seeberger quickly reassured me. He introduced me to a new, gentle treatment that uses ultrasound which melts the thyroid nodule tissue by heat. He told me all about echotherapy: a short treatment without a hospital stay and which the healthy tissue is not impaired. The most important thing: no surgery, no cuts. I felt relived – the decision had been made.

Already the day after the treatment, I could breathe better again and within three weeks the nodule had already shrank by a third. I did not expect my complaints to ease so quickly. Since I had a thyroid nodule on both sides of the thyroid gland, the treatment was performed in two sessions. Also the second time everything went without problems. I am just extremely happy that my thyroid gland did not have to be removed and I probably will not need any more drugs. And I have once again realized how important it is to listen to your inner voice.»

Melanie, 41 years

«Echotherapy was for me a real option to gently treat my nodule. I would have delayed an operation as much as possible.»

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«When I was very young, I had thyroid problems and had to receive surgical treatment. Since then, I have to take thyroid hormones daily. Over the years, unfortunately, a new nodule has formed, which was getting bigger. Finally, it was about 2.3 cm in size and started bothering me. I had trouble swallowing and felt the lump in my throat. I was short of breath very quickly when I did any physical activity, as the nodule compressed my trachea.

I knew that things couldn’t continue like this. Having another operation was no option for me as I was afraid of possible risks, such as a vocal cord paralysis. Also my first surgery caused internal scar tissue. When my doctor suggested me echotherapy as an alternative, I did not hesitate. This was a real option for me to treat the nodule. I would have delayed an operation as much as possible.

I was reassured that echotherapy involved minimal risk and was scar-free. That was very important to me. There was no general anesthesia and no post-treatment required. The short treatment time and the fact that you could return to your everyday life again immediately after the procedure, convinced me.

On treatment day, I was still nervous because I was not sure if the treatment was going to be painful. I took a mild pain relief. The treatment took about 45 minutes. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. During the ultrasound pulses, I felt a tingling sensation and a feeling of pressure that spread depending on the position in the direction of the jaw, shoulder and neck. I also had a cold feeling at the site of the treatment and a slight pulling in the jaw. But two hours later, everything was OK. I had no limitations in everyday life.

The nodule has already visibly shrunk and I am symptom-free. I particularly like that there were no scars and that you have to interrupt your normal life only briefly. I can highly recommend this therapy to others. »

The testimonials above represent personal patient’s experiences. These personal experiences are not guaranteed and can vary according to the situation or the person.

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